Thursday, September 23, 2010

Checking out the wikis

So tonight,I checked out and and the other wiki resources . One of the neat things that I found was a Recipe Wiki. That looks like a pretty cool resource. It is interesting, the past experience that I had with wikis were that they were all pretty plain vanilla-looking, sort of like Wikipedia. I had even started my own wiki a while ago that I may pick up again someday. But I might change to a different wiki platform, based on the new things that I've seen.

I do have some concerns about the editability of wikis. I can't help but be concerned that with a collaborative wiki, primarily Wikipedia, that just anyone can change information, particularly after I had just added something. Even with the wiki that I had been working on, I only gave editing rights to two people. And I secretly hoped that they wouldn't mess with the wiki.
LOL. Honestly I didn't realize that Wikis were still a big deal. I know that Wikipedia was popular, but I didn't realize that your average person would be interested in making wikis. i was wrong! I found a Chicago wiki from the travel wiki....pretty impressive! The person who created the wiki defiintely had done their homework! Perhaps with this nudge, I'll start working on my wiki again.

Goodnight dear Lisa Learns. Until, um...a few days fromw now. :)
Lisa :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just set up my blog

Today is the first day for "Lisa Learns". While I've set this up primarily for the "VAPLD Staff 2.0 Challenge" I might periodically add notes about other things I'm learning in other areas as well.
For example, I'm working my way through the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" book at the moment. :) Feel free to skip that Jill if I have a post with that title. ;)

Back to blogging. I have had my share of blogs in the past, and I currently have one linked to my Facebook account. I haven't written much there lately. One thing I learned about blogs is that keeping up more than one takes up a great deal (too much!) of time, so keeping it simple is the best way to go.

I really enjoyed watching the video "Blogs in Plain English" (I'm going to bold things I've looked at, so I remember from day to day). I think it gave a concise explanation of what Blogs are all about. Of course, that is coming from someone who already knows about blogs.

More tomorrow, or later tonight. Stay tuned!