Friday, November 5, 2010

Final thoughts

So I've finished with the VAPLD Staff 2.0 Challenge. I learned about a few new tools which was nice. I appreciated re-learning tools that I wasn't as familiar with, such as NetLibrary. I already consider myself pretty tech-savvy, so this was kind of fun for me.

I'm not sure how other staff members did it, but I worked on this pretty much exlusively from home. I know that I was off for quite a few vacation days, but I found that I still had too much work to do to spend time during the day at work learning 2.0 stuff. It is certainly crucial that I do so, I just know I had too much other stuff to do.

I think the length of the program and the number of topics was quite doable. I think that these exercises helped staff become more comfortable with the tools, particularly if they don't use them on a day to day basis otherwise. Maybe it will get some people interested enough that they might want to contribute content to our various social media outlets.

So, I think this was a very good experience, and hopefully even more people will participate the next time this program is offered! And, the incentive of the possible prizes doesn't hurt either. :)
Thanks Jill! Nice job. :)


  1. Thank you very much for your comments. Also, thanks for participating even though you had to do it from home!

  2. Sure, my choice, just seemed easier that way. :)