Monday, October 18, 2010

Adventures in Video

Like the world of podcasts, the world of video is vast! I do like VAPLD's video site because it is a good way for us to keep up with meetings that we haven't been able to attend or things like that. Hmm, I feel like I have written about this already. Deja vu! I wish that we were able to tape other library functions, but I know that we would need to get permissions, either from the program attendees or the performers. And for staff-led programs, while many of our staff are hams who love being on stage, others are bit more shy and would require some convincing. It seems as if on our staff internal page, that would be a good place to put our Reading Club videos...but hey, that is just me because I'm a bit of a ham and I'm in them LOL. :)

I just checked out VAPLD's YouTube account and yes, the videos are there. Yea! There are only two subscribers to the channel though. Boo! And the channel is a little plain vanilla looking, but I know these things take time. The key (for VAPLD) is to subscribe to other library's channels (Skokielibrary has 48 uploads, but still a pretty low number of subscribers at 19) and then we'll get some of them to subscribe to us! :) The first time I used YouTube I immersed myself (for 4 hours) in the world of "library-related videos" which were mostly of kids shooting videos in the library during their studying time. Pretty funny! There weren't many library tutorials at that time from what I could see. Now just a quick search brought me to this one: which is a "Library Minute" about tutorials at the Arizona State University Library. It was short, and to the point, and funny! I liked that it incorporated other pictures and audio other than just a person talking. It was almost set up like a quick video newsblurb. Perhaps we might try something like that. I know that Rich did a tutorial about wireless printing at VAPLD, but we didn't see him, just his hands, and the video wasn't really that jazzy, although certainly a good start. But where is the video now, I ask? Hmmmm, bring back Rich's tutorial!! :))

I also checked out two videos about amigurumi, or the practice of crocheting animals or other small creatures from yarn. While I crochet, I've been reluctant to "take on" this small animal world because I thought it looked too complicated. So I tried to break it down a little by searching for tutorials about how to make them. I watched two different videos presented by two different people. In this same case, the first video I watched was just two hands crocheting the amigurumi from the first steps. Ok, but the video quality wasn't great and I wasn't even interested enough to watch the whole video, so I don't know if a person showed up in the end. The second one started out with a real person in a yarn store. Hmmm, now that's a novel idea! I think I'll search for a few more crocheting tutorials... because that is the perfect use of video. A video is something you can watch over and over, pause and go back a step, etc., until you master the skill. It is one thing to read about doing a skill, through a book or a blog, but it is another thing entirely to see the skill in action. So, thumbs up for video tutorials, especially about crocheting. Any how-to skill would be helpful in video. :)

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