Saturday, October 9, 2010


It is so easy to get sucked into the world of Podcasts. I started listening to podcasts maybe about a year or so ago. I subscribed to anything and everything under the sun. Technology? yep. Cooking? yep to that too. And so many more. And I got overwhelmed and unsubscribed to them all. One really good one that I continued to listen to was the Satellite Sisters. This was a talk show produced by 5 sisters. They talked about everything, and invited listener feedback through their blog. It was a great show. And then, for whatever reason (financial?) the podcast shut down. I think it is still available through their website, and Facebook too probably, but in the nice format that it was distributed before, through iTunes, that is no longer, and that is sad. For this exercise, I just signed up again for a few more podcasts, including the Absolute 80s, a video podcast. I'm a big fan of 80s music, and I was hoping that because it is a video podcast, they might have 80s videos. One of the first shows that I see listed (although it is still downloading) is about the Pet Shop Boys at a concert. How cool is that!

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